Atilia Haron started singing since she was 9 years old; mostly for tv and radio commercials. Her mother, the evergreen Salamiah Hassan who is still active, is considered a music royalty in the country. Atilia’s 1st single; Pelangi Mimpi was featured in RAP96’ when she signed a contract with Roslan Aziz Productions and together they produced her 1st album; Sangkar. Next came Indah, which she produced with her musical director, Tok Khon (TK) and was launched in Indonesia. It received numerous awards and recognition. Now Atilia is ready with her third album entitled No3 which she produced together with Adam Sofian and Jason Voo. A veteran at music events, festivals (JavaJazz, KK JazzFest, Sunburst Fest, DFP and many more) and dinner shows, Atilia also acts in local movies, dramas and musicals and has appeared in many commercials too. She teaches yoga and has 12 yoga studios around Malaysia and currently is writing a self help book.