Lalremsanga (Rema)

Lalremsanga (aka REMA) is a bassist form North East India (MIZORAM). Who, with he’s combination of Bass and Vocals, has developed a style and sound reminiscent to the likes of the icons who have led their bands from the low end to the centre stage, pumping out groovy baselines, deep in the pocket whilst serenading the audience with husky, warm vocals .

During his studies in Kuala Lumpur, he played numerous show, performing in corporate functions, pubs and weddings. After learning the tricks of the trade, finishing a certificate programme, and snatching the ‘Best Student Performer’ award at International College of Music, he went back to his homeland and put his acquired skills to good use. He became the arranger/band leader for The Mizoram Choir and played in major functions all over the state of Mizoram, and other places like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Assam and Nagaland.

He went on stage with some of the biggest artists North East India had to offer, headlining shows and establishing himself as a legit session musician, also playing for several recordings for local singers, bands and choirs. Now back in Malaysia and currently pursuing his Bachelors degree at International College of Music (ICOM), he is working on an EP which is expected to come out in mid 2018.