Robert MR Quartet

This electric quartet utilises Robert MR’s  original compositions as vehicles of collective improvisation. The project was initiated in 2017, as a way to present the art of improvisation in a framework that emphasise current styles, sounds and grooves in the state-of-the-art global and Indonesian jazz music. In achieving that, Robert invites Indonesia’s most talented young musicians who are able to bring innovative approaches to every performance.

Wesley Geraldo  has  been playing music since 2005, and have won several prestigious music competitions. He has tour20ed Indonesia for the past two years as session bass player for a number of local artists. He is also currently an electric bass major student at UPH Conservatory of Music.

Dave Rimba  has been playing in many recordings and live performances with various jazz group in Indonesia. He won the title “Best Jazz Drummer” at the annual Jazz Goes To Campus Competition in 2013 and also was a finalist in a local jazz talent search program. He is now in his final year of his study at the Jazz & Pop Programme at UPH Conservatory of Music.

This band invites different keyboardist in many of it’s sessions and in the move to establishing a permanent keyboardist role.

Robert MR has established a reputation as the leading jazz guitarist, composer and educator in Indonesia for the past 7seven years. His last release was a 2015 album entitled “Indonesian Songbook”, which is a modern jazz interpretation of Indonesian songs from the 50’s, in collaboration with an Indonesian legendary singer, Harvey Malaihollo. He also has produced and co-produced a number of albums, two of which were nominated in various categories at the Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2014 and Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Award 2013. Robert serves as a guitar program coordinator and lecturer at UPH Conservatory of Music, and has been giving music clinics and workshops around Indonesia and Thailand.